It Happens
From: Tomo Sakata
Subject: Re: Dubai Results
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 03:38:34 -0700

 /~~ In <>, BIGBAD2359 san wrote:
> Pity the race was marred by the breakdown of Hokuta Vega.  There's going
> to be a lot of fallout on that one, but IMHO, shit happens.  It brings
> tears to my eyes, but it happens.  

  Hokuto Vega was a mysterious girl. After her trainer found out that
dirt was the way to go for her, she didn't lose at all. She broke
course records all over the country, beat all the horses she raced with
on dirt. She was too strong and we almost couldn't believe what we were

  Not that we thought she was strongest in the country's race 
history, but the fact that nothing could stop her from winning was 
incredible. She won on various tracks, against various opponents, in
various kinds of weather, and won even when she looked in a bad 

  So, when she went to Dubai, we said, "well. we wouldn't be 
surprised If she win, would we? Nothing can surprise us when it comes 
to Hokuto Vega". ---- We were so wrong.

  It happens. Yes, it does. But, I can't help asking myself, why her.

  Sorry to whine, guys....

   Tomohisa Sakata (Vancouver)